A resourceful computer systems professional with 10 years mainframe & microcomputer systems / network experience in increasingly demanding programming & analysis positions. Have played an integral role in all phases of the software development lifecycle to include system analysis and architecture.
Programming Java, C/C++, C#, Delphi , Javascript, ASP, VB & VBScript, HTML, XML/XSLT, COBOL II, SQL, J2EE (Servlets, JSP, EJB, JavaMail, JMS, JDBC, JNDI), JAAS, JCE, GNU gcc/g++, Trolltech Qt GUI API, Qt Designer, Glade, Apache Struts, Apache Log4j, Apache SOAP/XML, Apache Axis.
Databases Oracle 8.1.x, MS SQL, Sybase ASA, Sybase ASE,DB2, MS Access, xBase
Operating Systems Windows 9.x, NT 4.x, Win2k, DOS, Banyan, Red Hat Linux 7.x, Solaris 7 / 8
Productivity Software MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, PCAnywhere, MS Visio, MS Project
Development Visual Studio.NET, Visual SourceSafe, IBM Visual Age for Java, Sybase PowerJ, PowerDesigner, Forte for Java, StarTeam, MKS Source Integrity, CVS, PVCS, MagicDraw UML, Rational Rose.
Application Servers JRun Pro, ServletExec, Sybase Enterprise Application Server (Jaguar CTS),IBM Websphere, Internet Information Server 45.0, BEA WebLogic 6.1, Oracle9iAS v1.x, Oracle LoginServer.
Middleware IBM MQSeries, TIBCO Rendezvous, EAServer Message Service (Sybase)
GeminiCode LLC, Norfolk, Virginia
Lead Developer
Feb 2002 - Present
Contract position as a Sybase Solutions Partner on a project for the U.S. Navy. The applications are legacy, client/server PowerBuilder systems that are being migrated to J2EE web applications. These applications are composed of Java, JSP/Servlets and Enterprise Java Beans. The Database is Sybase ASE 12.
  • Lead Developer for Presentation layer. Responsible for architecture, training and toolset.
  • Architect and Implemented Single Sign On solutions with Oracle9iAS and Oblix NetPoint
  • Apache Struts was used as the application frameworks for the web-tier. Design and implemented custom Tag Libraries to compliment Struts framework.
  • Apache ANT was integrated as an automated build and deployment system. Personally created deployment scripts using custom ANT tasks.
  • Apache Log4J was utilized for application logging.
  • PowerDesigner, from Sybase, was used for UML Modeling and Database Diagrams.
  • Designed and Implemented a Web Services framework using Apache Axis 1.0. Developed SOAP clients in Java and C# for compatibility testing with MS .NET.
  • Sybase EAServer and Apache Tomcat are used as the Application Server and Servlet engine.
  • Developed custom authentication module using JAAS and implemented a custom authorization service using Sybase's proprietary interface. Integrated the JCE API for encrypting sensitive data stored in the database.
  • Provided supporting documentation for all sub-projects to include UML Diagrams (Class, Sequence, Activity and Use Cases). Wrote project requirements and test cases for individual work units.
Journee Software, Austin, Texas
Technical Consultant
May 2001 - Feb 2002
Solutions architect and developer for customer implementations of Dialog Manager and ServiceStream. Dialog Manager is a java based, content management server and workflow engine. ServiceStream is a content aggregation and synchronization server, ideally deployed as part of an overall Enterprise Application Integration solution.
  • Developed custom web based applications using Dialog Manager with Java (Journee Business Objects) and Java Server Pages.
  • Developed standard Web Applications (WAR) for deployment to Websphere 3.5 and BEA WebLogic 6.1. Applications included Apache Struts frameworks, Servlets, JSP, Session and Entity Beans.
  • Identified Customer integration points, then designed and implemented customer specific solution to integrate with Journee's ServiceStream product.
  • Configured Websphere Application Security and automated deployment of applications through Websphere's WAR-to-XML conversion interface.
  • Created custom log interfaces for use with Apache's Log4J. Custom build and deployment using Apache Ant 1.3
  • Integrated Netscape Directory Server with Websphere for application authentication with LDAP.
  • JMS Connectivity with MQSeries and TIBCO Rendezvous.
Partnerware Technologies, Austin, Texas
Senior Developer / Product Architect, 1999-2001
Aug 1996 - Mar 2001
Partnerware Extended Enterprise is the premier Partner Relationship Management system and collaboration tool used between Vendors, and Value Added Resellers and Partners, which offersto automated Lead lead assignment and closed loopsales and marketing management.
  • Original developerarchitect of the Partnerware XE system. Responsible for coding 85% of the approximately 500,000 lines of code across 500 templates and files.
  • Designed current database schema, which consists of over 200 tables. Schema is highly normalized and relational, involving complex integrity constraints.
  • Responsible for defining architecture and tool-set for future product releases and next generation architecture.
  • Personally responsible for the conversion of major components to Java class libraries and EJB components and implemented a Object Model representative of the underlying Data Model.
  • Participated in requirements gathering and analysis and the development of use cases for next generation of product.
  • Developed Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) strategy and implemented a prototype in Java.
Lead Developer, 1996-1999  
  • Led a team of 2-3 developers through the second generation of the Extended Enterprise system.
  • Personally created server side components to process business logic (Rules Engine) and allow the application to run against multiple database engines (SQL Translator).
  • Developed Ultra-thin HTML Client interface, compatible with 3.0 and above Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Template based backend architecture was used mixing server side scripting and SQL to present dynamic generation of pages.
Department of Public Safety, Austin, Texas
WAN Programmer
Jan 1996 - Aug 1996
The State Inspection Database System (SIDS) is used throughout the state of Texas by License and Weight Troopers to track State and Federal violations for interstate and intrastate carriers.
  • Developed as a Client Server system using MS Access, Delphi and MS SQL Server.
  • Project went from prototype to production in less than six month.
  • Developed a C++ SNA Protocol router to submit queries to mainframe systems.
  • Developed custom TCP/IP Delphi VCL Components for file transfers and email.
Defense Finance & Accounting Service, Kansas City, Missouri
United States Marine Corps
July 1992 - Dec 1995
  • Mainframe Programmer / Analyst Supervisor in the Reserve Programming Branch.
  • Managed processing of a $38.4 million payroll consisting of 300,000 records, 3 payroll types and over 80 programs. Supervised and trained 10 to 18 processors.
  • Ported DOS based Paradox project management system to a MS Windows client server application using Borland Delphi.
C Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, Camp Pendleton, California
United States Marine Corps
Aug 1986 - July 1992
  • Served as Infantry Platoon Sergeant, 1992.
  • Participated in Desert Shield/Storm (Saudi Arabia/Kuwait), 1990-1991
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Park University
OO Analysis and Design for Java Technology (UML) (OO-226), Sun Education Center
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 (CX-310-035)
Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE Platform (CX-310-080)
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology,(CX-310-051, CX-310-300A,CX-310-061)
Distinguished Graduate, Staff NCO Academy (1994)
Marine of the Year, Defense Finance & Accounting Service-KC (1992)
Honor Graduate, Computer Science School, Quantico, Virginia (1992)